I used to shave/wax can I be a candidate for sugaring?

Absolutely! Throw out that razor and give sugaring a try! The more consistent sugaring you do, the softer and finer your hair will come in.  Because of this it is also less painful to remove this hair as the hair root has less strength than if you have been shaving.

How long does the hair have to be for sugaring?

Hair growth needs to be at least 1/8” roughly 4 weeks of growth, however this all depends on how fast your hair grows as everyone is different.  Ideally ¼” of hair growth for the 1st sugaring as this will capture the most hair.

What is the difference between sugaring & waxing?

Sugaring Waxing
All natural ingredients Contains chemical resins
Water soluble Difficult to cleanup
Does not adhere to live skin cells Adheres to live skin cells
Sugar is bacteria resistant Bacteria breeds in wax warmers
Minimal discomfort and irritation Very painful and traumatizing to skin
Superior, healthy, hairless results Long-term damage to skin cells
Safely removes hair from follicle Results in follicle distortion I hair breakage
Helps eliminate in-grown hairs Can lead to in-grown hairs
Safe for sensitive skin conditions Not 100% safe for any skin type
Skin feels soft, clean and comfortable Skin feels raw and irritated

Does Sugaring hurt?

Sugaring is not pain free, however it is far less painful and traumatizing to the skin than traditional waxing.  The more sugaring services you receive, the weaker the root of the hair becomes and the easier it is to remove with less pain.  Consistent Sugaring = Less Pain.

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