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Opening Our Doors to Local Artisans!  Inside our Boutique you will find unique products and gifts from…



First of all, the product looks amazing, AND it’s made local

And secondly, the scent, which is quite possibly the best ever in beard products
And then thirdly – and most importantly – the ingredients.
SMELLIS is one of those rare companies that actually manages to pull together a healthy list of beard nourishing compounds, the oils are non-comedogenic, which means that they are light and quick to absorb without clogging the pores; perfect for that dry skin under the beard.  Feel completely cleansed and hydrated while your brazen beard shines with brilliance and health.  I make all of our products in-house. Handcrafted original recipes designed by SMELLIS. All of our ingredients are organic, small-batch, as close to natural as possible. Oils are chosen specifically for their softening, strengthening and antibacterial properties to help your beard grow stronger and longer while reducing dandruff and itchiness.

Don’t Poke The Bear Co.

Handmade Luxurious Body Butters and Body Scrubs. All Natural ingredients used such as Coconut Oil, Cocoa butter, Sweet Almond Oil and the highest quality essential oils. Simply cashmere for your skin. Exfoliate and Hydrate!



D&J Downtown Vintage

Lovely re-finished & re-purposed furniture and handmade greeting cards.

Vintage Chic makes everything old new again!




Magpie Pottery

Magpie Pottery – Trish Myers is a local potter, living and creating along the shores of Lake Erie. Through the use of texture, colour and unique symbolism her goal is to create functional pottery that transforms everyday activities into quietly special moments.  Each piece of her pottery is hand-crafted, either on the potter’s wheel or with slabs of clay (hand-built) and is distinctly individual.




Cashmere & Oak

Cashmere & Oak started as most businesses do, as a solution to a problem. “Wear the sharp pointy crystals in your bra…” they said (ouch…no thanks). What I couldn’t find, were simple and gorgeous stones in their truest form. NO SHADE to the polished and perfect gems of the world but I knew I wanted the wisdom of the stones to shine through in all their facets!

These, sometimes million year old stones have been around much longer than the LBD. Whether you wear them to dispel bad vibes (or exes) or just because rose quartz matches your favourite clutch, lets show these gems some respect!


The Beaded Look

Nancy started making jewelry as a way to spend time with her daughter. Together they made stretch bracelets and taught themselves the techniques to make more complicated pieces. Six years later, Nancy now focuses on natural, semi precious stones and base metals. Hammering, stringing, wire wrapping – the current pieces are organic, earthy and unique. Inspired by the natural surroundings of beautiful Port Lambton, Nancy designs all her pieces.  She makes all efforts to find Canadian suppliers for her materials. Enjoy a unique handcrafted piece from The Beaded Look!


Elevated Shades

Elevated Shades is a Canadian Company and every product comes with a one year warranty is is assembled in Canada.  All of the sunglasses come with dual hinges, polarized lenses with UV400 protection. We also include a soft cloth case and bamboo box.

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