What is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring hair removal has been around for centuries and is a safe, all natural alternative to waxing and shaving. Our sugar paste is 100% natural and made by Sugar That. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives added. The sugar paste is applied at room temperature and will never burn skin, causes less irritation than wax, and leaves your skin smooth and soft.

The sugar is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth and is eased out in the natural direction of growth, causing less trauma to the skin than waxing. It exfoliates only dead skin cells and does not attach to live, healthy cells, leaving skin smooth and silky.

How long does the hair have to be?

For best results, especially if this is your first time sugaring and if you have been shaving, hair should be 1/4″ long. This is about the same length as a grain of rice.  It is best to let all hair grow out (some hairs may be on a different growth cycle) for approximately 4 weeks before sugaring for the 1st time.

Will sugaring help prevent ingrown hairs?

Consistent sugaring will definitely help to minimize and potentially eliminate ingrown hairs.

How is body sugaring similar to waxing?

The only real similarity is that both processes remove your hair. Sugaring is better for your skin than waxing, because sugaring only removes dead skin cells and hair and is all natural with no chemicals. Sugar paste is applied and removed using only a gloved hand. There is no need for cloth strips, and sugar paste does not sit in a warmer and is not capable of growing bacteria.

What is in the sugar paste?

Our sugar paste is homemade and contains only sugar, water and lemon juice, meaning it is completely vegan.  The Paste is prepared in a stainless steel pot and is stored in glass containers.

Is sugaring painful?

Many clients find sugaring to be less painful than waxing. It really depends on your pain tolerance and how frequently you have it done.
When sugaring is done consistently, you remove hair that has a very weak root, making removal much easier with less pain. If you have been shaving, you may find that initially it may be more painful, but as you come more often, it becomes less uncomfortable.

Will sugaring consistently help to reduce the amount of hair in the area?

Frequent sugaring over time may help to reduce the amount of hair that regrows in the area for some people.

Is it safe to sugar during pregnancy?

It is definitely safe, just keep in mind that your hormone levels are different and your skin could be more sensitive. Consistent sugaring right through pregnancy can provide relief of having to shave hard to reach areas.

Can I still get sugaring done when I have my period?

Sugaring can be done while you have your period, just let us know in the notes when booking your appointment and wear a tampon. Please note that due to hormone fluctuations, your skin may be more sensitive during this time.  If you can avoid sugaring during this time, it is best.

How is Sugar That providing clients with a safe experience during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Sugar That is following all government regulations and municipal public health mandates, you can view these here. Beds and tools are completely disinfected after each client. Practitioners wear masks, gloves and goggles while performing services. Clients are required to wear a mask before entering the building and it must be in place the entire time inside Sugar That as Chatham-Kent is currently in the Red Zone.

This means that we are unable to provide any services to the face that requires the removal of a clients mask until further notice. We also limit the number of patrons inside Sugar That at all times to meet the guidelines as set out by our local Health Unit to minimize exposure.

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